Obama and Romney do share a few things.  Among them are degrees from Harvard Law and a penchant for Star Trek.  But there are some differences even here.  Obama was interested in constitutional law and Romney appears to have been interested in how he could use his law degree in business.  They also have different reasons for enjoying Star Trek.   For Obama, the Federation would make good political sense and we know that he has much in common with Spock.  (See the 2008 post, “Obama, Spock, and the New Star Trek Nation.”)

On the other hand, Romney likes the way that the Borg does business.   Although it’s not my style to spread rumors, there is word going around the web that at one time Romney was so taken with the Borg approach to dealing with other corporate entities, he considered changing the name of BAIN CAPITAL to BORG CAPITAL.  It has also been reported that he thought it would be cool for BAIN (BORG) to say to other businesses he was seeking to take over:  resistance is futile.

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