Dear Senator Clinton,

After a difficult and long campaign, I want to thank you for supporting Senator Obama and for your efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party, past and future. We all know that a divided Party will simply set the stage for a John McCain victory. We can all agree with Reverend King.

“Now, what does all of this mean in this great period of history? It means that we’ve got to stay together. We’ve got to stay together and maintain unity. You know, whenever Pharaoh wanted to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt, he had a favorite, favorite formula for doing it. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves. But whenever the slaves get together, something happens in Pharaoh’s court, and he cannot hold the slaves in slavery. When the slaves get together, that’s the beginning of getting out of slavery. Now let us maintain unity.” Martin Luther King, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” April 3rd, 1968. [Italics added]

Perhaps you have heard that your supporters, or those claiming to be your supporters, have formed groups and begun web sites in order to undermine Obama’s chances in November. These sites are using your name. Let me give you one example, “Ex-Hillary Supporters for John McCain” <;. Here is an excerpt from one of the first postings (June 9th, 11:30 PM) on this site. [Italics added. Grammatical and spelling errors not corrected.]

“The belief that Hillary Clinton and Obama are alike or even close is just ludicrous.
1/ Mrs. Clinton is someone who has served this country with honor for some 35 years

2/ Mrs. Clinton has integrity OBAMA has none

3/ Jonh McCain respects Mrs. Clinton unlike Obama.

4/ Mrs. Clinton is not a racist or calls racist friends, unlike Mr. Obama whose friends are terrorist and anti semites

I could go on and on…….but the best thing about Mrs. Clinton that she will be there to clean out the barn after OBAMA gets soundly rejected by the American people”

Here is currently (June 9th, 11:30 PM) the third posting on the site:

“A lot of Americans have become so
insulated from reality that they imagine that
America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves.

Pause a moment, reflect back.
These events are actual events from history.
They really happened!!!
Do you remember?

1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and
killed by a Muslim male extremist between the age of 17 and 40.

2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics,
athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim male extremists between the ages of 17 and 40.

3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was
taken over by Muslim male extremists between the
ages of 17 and 40.”

After enumerating more points about Muslims, here is how the post ends:

“Have the American People completely
lost their Minds, or just their Power of Reason???
I’m sorry but I refuse to take a
chance on the ‘unknown’ candidate Obama . . .”

Here is a third example from the same web page:

“I am disappointed that Hillary will not be the Democratic candidate, but there is no way I would ever vote for BHO, even if Hillary is VP. I would not vote for him simply for the reason that the man that represents the U.S., and should love our country more than any other, will not wear the most recognizable symbol of our country – the American flag on his chest. Oh, now he wears it..anything for a vote!
This man is dangerous to our democracy!
Please spread the word and encourage your friends to cast their vote against BHO!”

How many individuals on these sites are actually your supporters? I don’t know. I do know that many are speaking as if they are your supporters. I also know that John McCain is asking your supporters for their votes.

These outrageous and scurrilous attacks must be undermined. There is no one in a better position to do so than you. I ask that you denounce these attacks on Senator Obama and distance yourself immediately from web sites and organizations that engage in them. You promised that you would do everything in your power to help elect a Democrat to the White House in November. Here is one way that you can make a significant difference. Please don’t pass up the opportunity. Act now.

6 thoughts

  1. Check out the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) people. They are making a concerted effort to post Anti Obama Pro-Hillary comments on every website they can. Their comments are mostly pretty sick. They are convinced “they” (Obama, the DNC, the chauvinist press) stole the nomination from Hillary. I hope she can turn around the movement she started. It seems to have mutated into something pretty scary.

  2. Tell me about it! Heartlight 3, I have seen the terrible posts! They are very derogatory and racist too. I have written letters to the Clinton’s asking them to Heal the Hatred. She totally destroyed people. But I guess you first of all have to be of that particular mindset. To win at all costs…(never a good idea)… will cost America…for the few, and not the MANY starving children it will create …How sick they are to Enjoy and Rejoice in Hatred …what evil her camp has unleashed!!

  3. On August 16, 2008 at 1:26 am Miki Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Could you please tell me why my comment is still awaiting moderation. What is it about my comment that requires moderation??I have never seen any such notations on any other comments. Many of them double or triple in length. There is not a single word in my comment which is not the absolute truth, a whole lot more than I can say about comments which lie about everything, just for the sake of tearing someone down.
    Still you don’t find them abusive and afford them every curtosy. Could you please afford me the curtosy of a reply and an explanation.

  4. Miki,

    There must be some confusion here. I never placed any notations on your comments. (You must be referring to another site.) The only reason that I didn’t post “your comments” is that they were a very long ad for a book. (I don’t even do this for my own books on this site.) I welcome a brief summary of points in the book that are related to this blog.


  5. Perhaps there was some confusion. Could you please tell me who wrote the following comments on my submissions?

    On August 16, 2008 at 1:01 am Miki Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hillary’s Secret War: The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists

    On August 16, 2008 at 1:26 am Miki Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I believe that had you returned my comments marking it
    TOO LONG, I would have understood.

    I now ask you if I shorten my comments or if I submit my comments about each book separately in a shortened version, would that be acceptable to you.

    On another subject. I have just watched CNN give a preview of their program which will be aired tomorrow night, something about the candidates being REVEALED, and as is usual their bias, and perhaps a little discrimination, is so obvious, it makes me sick to my stomach. I have read on some other blogs about the fact that TV Stations and Newspapers etc. present only the views of their big corporate bosses.
    I have read an article written by one Ted Sampley, US Veteran Dispatch, Nov. 14/07 “Betrayal, deceit, corruption and John McCain. I have no idea who Mr. Sampley is or whether is article is factual, I can only tell you that is it very interesting. The URL is as follows:
    Now I have no idea which side of the fence you are sitting on and perhaps I am showing this info to a John McCain supporter, however, I’ll take my chances that you are a fair minded gentleman, therefore, I ask that you please read the article and tell me whether you would allow me to enter a comment (obviously in a shortened version):-
    BTW, I am a handicapped Senior, Canadian Citizen, White and Female.
    I anxiously await you reply.

  6. Dear Mr. Aboulafia,
    I owe you an apology for jumping the gun, without doing further research. It is obvious that I didn’t know a single thing about this Ted Sampley. After reading the articles he wrote, I wrongly assumed that everything he wrote was true, then again some of what he wrote just might have some merit. When I read articles and blogs, most times I find it difficult to differentiate between the out and out lies and true facts.
    However, when I can listen to him speak and hear for myself how he lies through his teeth by constantly flip flopping on every issue, he describes his intentions differently depending on which State he happens to be in at the time. When I see John McCain’s vicious attack ads, I find him a despicable human being. When I see “So Called Democrats” state that they would vote for McCain rather than vote for a Black Muslim, I can see how many stupid people are sitting on their brains and are totally incapable of seeing through him.
    I think what angers me the most is how far CNN will go to promote him. First it was ‘White Hilary’ and now ‘White McCain’. Last night on Larry King Live when they were speculating who Baracks VP will be, they all guessed it would be Joe Biden, and as soon it was confirmed that it is indeed Joe Biden, they immediately started bashing him. Someone asks if anyone would bring up the plagerism charge after so many years and they reluctantly agree how petty that would be. Yet when LK accepts his very first caller, the man on the other end of the line says that he is a Democrat, however, now that Biden might be the VP he will vote Republican for the first time in his life. His reason being that he could never face his students again if they thought he voted for a man who plagerized words and didn’t give the author the credit for those words. What a load of
    c–p. It was so obvious that this was a put up job. I guess they believe that there are enough stupid people who will believe this rubbish.

    BTW, what is the verdict visa vie the post about Hilary.

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