Through careful investigative reporting, I now have an exclusive for readers of UP@NIGHT.  Here are eleven facts that the MSM is simply not reporting (yet):

1.  Sarah Palin returned to Alaska from the lower forty-eight by clicking her new red Pradas together three times and repeating, “There is no place like Nome.”


2.  Osama bin Laden’s code name among his compatriots is, “Joe the Plumber.”  And in one of the most bizarre twists in the election, it turns out that McCain’s “Joe the Plumber” is a hairless Osama look alike.


3.  John McCain will be playing Saul Tigh in the last episodes of Battlestar Gallactica, if and only if he is willing to call himself a Cylon and not a Ceylonese.


4. The software program that the Obama campaign used so effectively on its web site is called Hawaii 5.0.


5. The name of Bill O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” actually refers to the role that Bill (as a double agent) hoped to play in an Obama victory; namely, Bill hoped to become the major factor in turning voters away from four more years of Republican rule.


6.  George Bush was just joshing us when he kept mispronouncing the word, “nuclear.”  It turns out that George has a wicked sense of humor.  The last (almost) eight years have actually been a prank that he has been playing on the country.  It seems that he was never The Decider, aka, the president.  (The guys up in Canada who “pranked” Palin will tell you that they learned everything they know from George.)


7.  John McCain secretly divorced Cindy just before he selected Sarah Palin for his VP.  As part of the settlement, she agreed to stand 20 paces behind him at every campaign rally for the next six weeks and smile.  In return Cindy got to keep all of their homes.  John now has no where to live.  (Hence, a good reason for him to stop confusing Cylon and Ceylon, see Fact #3, because he needs the extra money that an equity acting job will bring him.)


8. Dick Cheney’s identical (and evil) twin, Clyde Cheney, has actually been VP.  Dick was removed from office two weeks after the inauguration when it became clear that he simply couldn’t tolerate Rovean tactics, sweet man that he is.  The real Dick Cheney has been living as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago and is known in the neighborhood as My Man DC.  (That’s the real Dick below.)


9.  Obama’s first name is not Barack, and it’s not even Barry.  It’s “Arthur.”  But ever since he decided to become president in kindergarten, he has worried that having the name Arthur might lead envious opponents to refer to him as “King Arthur.”  Bad news for a black dude.  Thinking ahead, as he is wont to do, he asked his school teachers to call him Barry.  And then at just the right strategic moment to make his run for president, he settled on the name Barack in college.


10.  Idaho, the birthplace of Sarah Palin, was never admitted to the Union.  We pretended to admit Idaho because we felt sorry for it due to its name and shape, and we wanted its potatoes.   So Sarah Palin couldn’t have become VP even if McCain had won.  You Betcha!   (If you don’t believe this fact, look it up.  There’s going to be a new Wikipedia entry explaining the whole scam.)


11.   Joe Lieberman’s middle name is “Loyalty,” Joe Loyalty Lieberman; and he is actually a Klingon, albeit a confused one, confusing John McCain with the Klingon Empire.


Stay tuned for more facts as they become available…..

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