[Here’s a scoop that you won’t find on Andrew Sullivan’s site.  He isn’t sufficiently in tune with this stuff.  Too much Oakeshott.]

et Sometimes the familiar reveals itself in strange and wonderful ways when viewed in hindsight.  Here is John McCain’s (in)famous anti-Obama ad “Celeb.”  Not only does the line of attack seem even more ludicrous after the election, but take a good look at McCain’s picture as it “morphs” at the end.  (Freeze framing the image is helpful here.)   Tell me if you don’t think that he has just had a close encounter of the third kind, that he has come face to face with a “benevolent” alien?  (His present claims about the stimulus package certainly suggest that he is out of touch, in a serious way. “What we need are more tax cuts, especially for the wealthiest aliens.”)  Of course, it could simply be that Obama strikes him as an alien.  I mean, he did refer to him as “that one.”

And while we are at it, let’s not forget how closely the Republicans, and John’s soul mate, George, have been to the aliens.   When Obama gets through cleaning out the Justice Department, he should really have his people check this out.

BUSH 2000 images-2


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  1. Yes, it was a real commercial and it was part of a campaign to charge Obama with being a celebrity. (That was the accusation, no kidding.) And talk about weird, it seems that the series of celeb ads may have helped McCain a bit for a short time!

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