The GOP, seeing that it is in a Death Spiral, has announced a new slogan to help revivify the Party.

The GOP:  A Party that won’t be compromised by compromise!

images-2 Representative John Boehner, House Minority Leader, made the announcement early this morning on “Morning Joe.” In making the announcement Boehner specifically mentioned how his Party must continue to respect their icons:  Goldwater, Reagan, Bush and Bush.   He then added something that left Joe and his guests mystified.  Boehner said that he would be damned, “if John Dewey and his liberal pragmatist friends are going to put lady liberty behind bars.”*


*Okay, Boehner didn’t say this on “Morning Joe.”  But he might have if he had read Dewey….

2 thoughts

  1. Hello, I just came up with a few new GOP Slogans, from my blog
    Notes From A Grumpy Old Man, enjoy…

    GOP: We Just Say No!

    GOP: We Have Buns of Steele

    GOP: More Addicting than an Oxycontin Rush…

    GOP: Faster Pussycat, Drill, Drill, Drill!

    GOP: Not Just for Right Wing Wackos Anymore

    GOP: We Can See Congress from Our Front Porches

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