I am prepared to admit that my sense of humor can be as sick and dark as the next guy.  But I was not prepared for the front page of Sunday’s New York Times.

Splashed across most of the top of the front page was this photo, with this headline:

A Place Where Cancer Is the Norm


The article was about about M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston.

As I recall, there was recently much press over the fortieth anniversary of the Beatles’ iconic Abby Road photo:


So, here is my conclusion: there are people at the New York Times with a pretty sick sense of humor (no pun intended) or this is one of the most brilliant pieces of political commentary that we have seen in years.  The Times is really making a statement about the health care system in the U.S., comparing it to the British system which manages to produce healthy and beloved artists, while we have people walking around in the Texas sun with I.V’s and pink sandals.

Perhaps there is a third option: incompetence.

One thought

  1. Let’s not confuse competence with judgment. If that Abbey Road allusion offends some, it is a matter of judgment. But the competence of reporting in the NYT is stellar.

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