In a recent post I suggested that liberal arts majors, and philosophers in particular, should not despair as they face a difficult economy.  Well, if the “Jobs Rated” section of CareerCast is to be trusted at all, philosophers and historians are in the top 12 of a ranking of 200 jobs for 2010, which includes the outlook for new positions through 2016, as well as other factors.  Do I believe it?  “When you wish upon a star….”

For the two hundred jobs and more detailed information about them click the link below.  The methodology is also discussed.

Jobs Rated 2010: A Ranking of 200 Jobs From Best to Worst

1. Actuary

2. Software Engineer

3. Computer Systems Analyst

4. Biologist

5. Historian

6. Mathematician

7. Paralegal Assistant

8. Statistician

9. Accountant

10. Dental Hygienist

11. Philosopher

12. Meteorologist

If you were wondering about everyone’s favorite profession, lawyers are at #80.  Money, it seems, can’t buy happiness, although #80 isn’t bad.

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