International Pillow Fight Day

Well, now we have it.  As the ad below highlights, Romney thinks that corporations are people.   They are not.   They cannot vote.  They cannot serve in the military.  They cannot feel pain.  And they are treated quite differently in terms of taxes, etc., etc.

What Romney seems to want to suggest is that people make up and benefit from corporations.   And this is precisely the problem.  The biggest benefit from corporations, money, has become so concentrated in the hands of a few that it is harder and harder to see these legal fictions as responsible players.   And people are angry about this.

I believe that we need a collective venting of the anger.  I propose a pillow fight.  But given the vast disparities in power and wealth, I suggest that the sides be picked in the following fashion:  the pay of workers vs. the pay of CEO’s at the largest U.S. companies.  In 1980 one survey showed it was 42 to 1.   Another in 2010, 343 to 1 (based on the median U.S. worker pay).

So I say we match 100 CEO’s from the largest companies against 34,300 of their workers.  Each will be supplied with identical pillows.

Further, I request that the Colbert Super-PAC (Making a better Tomorrow, Tomorrow) fund the event.  We will need a rather large stadium.  (Colbert this is a challenge.  I hope you are man enough to respond.)

One thought

  1. Mitt Romney misconstrues the intent behind the Supreme Court ruling (2010) that supports corporations’ freedom to fund political broadcasts in elections. It protects their freedom of speech as it would any “natural person.” The Supreme Court ruling was 5-4, which is close and the dissenting views warn of the dangers of the ruling. Judge Stevens wrote: “…the Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self government since the founding, and who have fought against the distinctive corrupting potential of corporate electioneering since the days of Theodore Roosevelt.”

    Obviously, the ruling does not equal “corporations are people.” The common sense of the American people laughed at Romney when he tried his sleight of logic on them. Although much of what a corporation earns goes to human beings, it is a handful compared to those from which it came. Everything corporations earn ultimately comes from people — primarily, the larger element of citizens in the middle-class.

    In a pillow fight, if CEOs showed up, they would have their pillows filled with fairy dust to knock out their opponents as a demonstration of their superiority.

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