[NOTE:  This post was originally made on March 23, 2009.  But with the recent discussion of Paul Ryan’s long-standing commitment to Rand’s thought–which he now appears to be trying to deny in spite of evidence to the contrary–I thought this post worth a rebroadcast.  On Ryan’s commitment to Rand, see the article in The Atlantic Wire, “Audio Surfaces of Paul Ryan’s Effusive Love of Ayn Rand.”]


In times such as these, our times, when unregulated capitalism has once again proven that it can bring down the house, literally, it’s worth reminding ourselves about the voices that have spoken so eloquently in favor of selfishness over the years.  (Not Adam Smith, by the way; he thought that sympathy was a basic feature of human nature.)  Here is Colbert discussing one of the leading lights of selfishness, Ayn Rand.

The Word – Rand Illusion | March 11th | ColbertNation.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On Capitalism Run Amok, readers might want to check out Sullivan’s site today, March 23rd, “Are The Jacobins At The Gates?” Let’s just say, a bit over the top, but worth a look.  (Btw, Sullivan thinks of himself as a conservative.)

P.S.  Interesting fact:  Stephen Colbert was a philosophy major at Hampden-Sydney College.  Training in philosophy has its uses.

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      1. The point of the FT article is that the gothic individualism of Rand is a juvenile taste and was likely superseded in Ryan’s interests by von Hayek. Krugman, being Krugman, won’t consider any possibility except that Ryan worships at the alter of Rand. The inspection of Ryan’s conscience as an economic thinker appears to be one of those things about which reasonable persons may disagree.

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