Ok, I am now going to say what I believe at least 85% of American Jews believe deep down, and I say this as a Jewish American.  “Jewish Republican” is an oxymoron.  Yes, there are those who claim to be Jewish Republicans but either 1) they aren’t really Republicans or 2) they aren’t really Jewish.  How can I make a statement of this sort with the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Eric Cantor running around, and with all of those Jewish neo-cons who gave such poor advice to W about Iraq?  I simply dismiss them.  They are lost souls.  Their souls have been stolen from them.  No one whose ancestors escaped the pharaoh can actually be a Republican.

But I have a more compelling argument.   Sheldon Adelson and something called the Jewish Republican Coalition are placing these billboards along highways in Florida.

   Now here is a simple thought experiment that will reveal just how out of touch these people are.  Imagine Mitt Romney, the candidate these folks are supporting, uttering the words, “Obama…Oy Vey!”  Any real Jewish American would be on their sides in stitches at the thought.  Laughter that would wake the dead.  And how could one not imagine Mitt trying to say Oy Vey after seeing these billboards along major highways?

So here is my proof that at least these Jewish Republicans can’t actually be Jewish.  They have a lousy sense of humor.  They think this billboard is cute.  But it actually manages to be tacky, tasteless, crude, and funny (in spite of what they intended).  Oy Vey.

[I am not alone.  See, Yiddish Curses for GOP Jews.]

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