Okay, here is a fun way we can handle the PGR rankings mess.   Members of the Board and evaluators agree to meet opponents of the PGR at this pub, Philosophers Club, in San Francisco.  Never been there but people seem to like it.


And someone at the place appears to have a good sense of humor.  If you click this photo on Yelp’s site for the Club, we are told that this placemat (?) is also a mural on the ceiling.   A veritable Sistine Chapel for philosophers.

l-2 And there seems to be some real history here.


So let’s do it and see who makes the best arguments and jokes.   Winners take all:  no survey or an eternal return of the PGR survey.  They are open until 2:00 AM.    (I promise I will still be standing if it’s only 2:00 AM.  Early hours for UP@NIGHT.)




5 thoughts

  1. When I was in high school, we had an end-of-year thing for seniors called The Smoker. Yeah, just like the APA. Except this Smoker was a boxing ring and you could have one three-minute round with a rival. Sign release forms, strap on some heavy gloves. Slug it out for three minutes. Winner take all. Is it too much to ask for that at the 2015 APA? I still got some hand-speed and, as I did in May 1987, can make short work of a given rival.


    1. Sohshi, Thanks for the heads up. At this point a dive would be just fine with me if we could get more conversation going.

      1. right – a little rowdy behavior would fit. Used to be smoker-friendly for all the puffers.

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