In a recent exchange with a chaired professor from the UK, in which the professor says that he will not be participating in the PGR this year, and states that “the whole thing has had its day,” and another respected philosophy professor chimes in, “a list of all those who’ve turned it down would be a good thing,”  Leiter replies that he is sorry he won’t be receiving the professor’s input, but also declares, “You’re in the minority.”

Are you in the “minority” too?  Well, I say, wear the epithet proudly. If you are an evaluator who has chosen not to participate in the PGR this year, use the hashtag #PGREvaluator and say, “I’m in the minority too.”  For those not invited this year but who were in the past: “I was not invited to be in the minority this year.” Or anything else you would like to say.

And for those who were never asked to be an evaluator:  “I was never allowed to join the minority.”

Oh, and proud members of Leiter’s majority, tell us at #PGREvaluator

It’s #PGREvaluator, the voice of a new “minority.”

You can also leave word in the comments below.

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