Theologians once argued about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  (The definitive answer: an infinite number because they don’t have bodies; they are immaterial.)  Today we have our own theological debates.  Among them: was Donald Trump sent by the Deity or Lucifer to planet earth?

Let’s start with his entrance the day he announced his candidacy.  Effortlessly floating down on his golden escalator, he appeared to be descending from the heavens, surrounded by a choir singing his praises.  But should his descent be interpreted as that of a fallen angel or as a messenger from above carrying out God’s wishes?

There are good arguments on both sides here.

Trump’s comments–beautifully designed to echo in the media’s 24 hour chamber–remind one of the plagues that the Lord visited upon the pharaoh and his people for not setting the Israelites free.  Consider how dreadfully the GOP has behaved toward God’s poorest children, favoring policies that place ever greater burdens on the meek, and often hardheartedly leaving the impression that poverty is self-inflicted, that the poor are in a prison of their own making.  So, God sent Pope Francis to criticize vulture capitalism and a vulture capitalist, Donald, to visit plagues, comments, upon the GOP in order to make Republicans battle amongst themselves.  The Deity is using his Swift Sword Trump to divide their house.  (Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?)

But there are good arguments in favor of the Lucifer hypothesis.  Consider how Trump’s vile comments have stirred up the basest racist convictions about immigrants, God’s children.  His comments sow discord as they propagate hatred and animosity.  If God is love, how then can a man who thrives on anger and hostility, who nurtures hatred, be a servant of God?  Much more likely he’s a servant of Lucifer, and a devil himself.  More evidence for this argument: Donald not only worships at the altar Mammon.  He advertises that he does so.   (You know, as he told us, he’s worth 8 billion. Wait, it’s now 10.)


We will not settle this mystery here today.  But I have a suggestion.  Let’s all tweet our own responses.   Swift Sword or Devil?   #TrumpSwiftSwordorDevil

3 thoughts

  1. While I have frequently considered the thought that Trump in an agent provocateur, hired by the DNC to destroy the Republicans (in my less sober moments of reflection); it had not actually occurred to me that he might be an agent of God. No, while I do not believe in a Devil, I do believe that Trump is an agent of Evil – he is too utterly self-centered to be anything else.

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