Boredom busses

Marx thought capitalism was doomed to recurrent depressions and recessions, until the big one hit—you know, the one that would bring worldwide capital to its knees.  Capitalism would go out with a bang, after a very long sigh from the oppressed.

This is not how it will end.  Boredom will lead to capitalism’s demise.

How can this be?  Capitalism is just so exciting.  People running around starting businesses, the entrepreneurial spirit, stacking up the bucks, as we all continually buy the hottest new products in the latest and coolest packaging.

What we have here is the same old same old selling itself as THE NEW, making THE NEW boring.  Take Apple.  At what point does it just get old when they announce yet another “new” update for the iPhone?  Aren’t you oh so bored with yet another new Apple thingy?  And all the other thingies that capitalism keeps pushing as gateways to earthly bliss?  Boring.  Or boring after the initial: this is so exciting, descends into, why the hell did I get suckered, yet again? **

Come on, admit it. You are so fracking bored you are wondering if you are depressed.  (Sure, try the new pill for it, but you will find it boring after a while.)

As a matter of fact, you are so bored, you are thinking about going shopping, to buy something new, anything new.  (Note to self: the gods of irony are not bored.)

I bet you’re even getting bored with Trump’s Norman Vincent Peale* schtick—the power of positive thinking on steroids, which is beginning to feel like electroshock therapy, after someone keeps switching the current on and off, making you feel like a looney tunes character with blue (red, green, purple) lightening bolt hair.  Trust me, one of those red gimme caps is a better bet, although it’s also certainly boring.

We are getting so bored that we think watching 10 or 11 Republicans debate is our idea of a good time.  Beyond scary.

I have a practical suggestion.  As we wait for end times, fellow bored ones, I urge you, embrace the boredom.  Do not be in denial.  Say it loud and say it proud: I am so bored!  The only way that we can change our excessively boring lives, and the system that has led to them, is by acknowledging that we are too bored to go on.  That we are not going to take it any more.  That we demand lives that are not filled with THE NEW that is really so yesterday, THE NEW which is the outmoded motor of capitalism


*Norman Vincent Peale is the author of The Power of Positive Thinking.  See, the Wikipedia article on Peale.  I hear that Trump is a big fan, really.

** This is assuming that one has the means to get suckered in.


One thought

  1. Yes, I don’t understand how people can love the capitalist system. It appeals to our most base instincts and desires, that of survival, competition and mindless, excessive consumption/accumulation, which leads to environmental disaster and human apathy. We are utterly disconnected from this environment, the other animals belonging to it, and the people we hurt by our lifestyles on a daily basis. It’s made us all a bunch of sitting ducks or pawns, whichever analogy suits you. We are so easily controlled now, our own movements predictable when money and the highest bidder is involved. Our lives are very predictable. Our days consist of being between 4 walls.

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