Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign director, responded a little while ago to a direct question by Keith Olbermann regarding Hillary’s contradictory statements on Michigan. He declared that it is okay for Hillary to claim votes/delegates from Michigan, in spite of her earlier commitment to discount the election, because the other candidates made a political decision to take their names off the ballot. (So much for honoring the DNC’s request.) So it seems that her change of heart is their problem, not hers. Wow! (Btw, why did she stay on the ballot for an election that she claimed would not count?)

Terry and Fox’s Allan Colmes

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  1. I don’t know how I got to your blog but reading a few of your blog posts just makes me feel sad. While I don’t condone Hillary Clinton’s tactics, you need to see things on an even field.

    Yes, it does have a different weight coming from the candidate herself, but Barack Obama’s problem with white voters have been well documented. Just about every pundits have been made comments about it.

    Do you really think 90%+ of blacks vote for Obama because they know him so well and read his books? They are voting for him *just because* he’s black. (I assume no one can deny this)

    Of course there is nothing wrong with it. We all know the history of blacks in this country. No one blames blacks for voting for Obama. (Yet, folks blame some feminists for supporting Clinton. Do we see a double-standard here? On what basis, can you answer?)

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “peaceful unification” among groups of different interest. What we’re seeing is a counter-balance from whites, after they observing the strong black solidarity. Had obama not played race card from the get go (he may have not intended to, but his campaign certainly did), he wouldn’t have faced the current problem – although the Pubs will certainly exploit it in a much more damaging fashion.

    Regarding MI/FL – I do blame Clinton’s flip/flop on the issue, but I firmly believe that a revote would’ve been a fair resolve. Even many Obama supporters agreed to the idea. Yet Obama campaign managed to crush the revote attempts in both states. How could this be explained? And why nobody in the media criticize about this?

    I am supporting both Obama and Clinton equally, but it’s been very irritating to read these one-sided and vile attacks on Clinton around the web.

  2. Clinton takes Indiana by a ‘razor’ and Obama wins North Carolina by a huge margin. Nevertheless, Kentucky, Montana and West Virginia are still to come.

    The Democratic race for nomination is still very much alive – and most likely to be decided by superdelegates

    If you’re tired of waiting around for those super delegates to make a decision already, go to LobbyDelegates.com and push them to support Clinton or Obama

    If you haven’t done so yet, please write a message to each of your state’s superdelegates at http://www.lobbydelegates.com

    Obama Supporters:

    Sending a note to current Obama supporters lets them know it’s appreciated, sending a note to current Clinton supporters can hopefully sway them to change their vote to Obama, and sending a note to the uncommitted folks will hopefully sway them to vote for Obama. It’s that easy…

    Clinton Supporters too …. !

    It takes a moment, but what’s a few minutes now worth to get Clinton in office?! Those are really worth !

    Sending a note to current Clinton supporters lets them know it’s appreciated, sending a note to current Obama supporters can hopefully sway them to change their vote to Clinton, and sending a note to the uncommitted folks will hopefully sway them to vote for Clinton. It’s that easy…

  3. Clinton haas taken West Virginia ..

    I am excited that the nomination race is still pretty close to call.

    That portal has really helped me in lobbying for superdelegates

  4. “LobbyDelegtes.com is a great tool, I have contacted all my State Delegates for free through email, I have come accross another tool from the same company http://www.statedemocracy.org its also free and I can contact my lawmakers, apply for an absentee ballot & voter registration and on election day I can locate my polling places. Great tool…. use it”

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