Well, just when you think that you have carved out a niche for yourself, it seems that the whole planet has moved in.  In June 2008 I posted a blog,” Obama, Spock, and the New Star Trek Nation,” in which I drew a connection between Spock and Obama, and I also discussed how the times might be right (once again) for Star Trek’s positive utopian vision.  I even quoted from Shatner’s (Captain Kirk’s) book, Up Till Now, about how the fans had saved the original Star Trek.

“As a result of this campaign, NBC received, trumpets blare here, more than 1,000,000 letters urging the network not to cancel the show….[It was not cancelled] Perhaps more important the people who wrote the letters suddenly had an emotional attachment to a television program unlike any viewers ever before. They had actually influenced a network’s programming decision. They had ownership. Star Trek really had become their show. This marked the beginning of the most unusual relationship between viewers and a TV series in history.”

I compared this sense of ownership to what many of Obama’s supporters were experiencing due to their involvement in his campaign.  In any case, I/we now have to deal with this:

6a00d8341bfa6953ef01157075214a970b-500wiIt seems that sometime last year a toy company, a one Jailbreak Toys, starting selling Obama action figures.   Is nothing sacred?  Or perhaps this is how we express what we most admire in America, we turn them into action toys.


UPDATE, May 10.  It turns out the the Jailbreak Toys does make action figures, including ones of Obama, but those of Obama and Biden (above) were from an event held in NYC in which artists created action figures.  The photo, which I thought had come from the company, can be found at iPhoneSavior.

4 thoughts

  1. Apologies. I thought that the photo was from the company that sold the action figures. I will place a link next to the photo.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of Obama/Spock comparisons on the Internet, but your two posts on it have really taken it further than anyone else – which is a good thing, because Obama does resemble Spock in many ways. (I also feel like less of a geek that someone else has noticed this besides me!)

    I think we’ve definitely had too many years of an emotional, impulsive president and it’s time for a Spock in the White House.

    Anyways, I’ve been cruising through your blog and I really like it. Keep it up!

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