A year or so ago I posted a blog about the prospects for liberal arts majors, specifically those in philosophy, Liberal Arts (and especially Philosophy) Majors: Do Not Despair,”

The liberal arts may have a new secret weapon, Sheldon the theoretical physicist from The Big Bang Theory.  It seems that he is horrified by the liberal arts (even though he loves comic books, which were probably written and drawn by humanities and arts people).   And whatever horrifies Sheldon (e.g., intimacy), most people like.  So if he finds the liberal arts appalling, perhaps others will draw the opposite conclusion.

And you “hard” science people out there, know that we love you here at UP@NIGHT, but you also have to face reality.  Those in the humanities have longer running times.

“More Reasons for Philosophers and Humanists to Rejoice: Longevity. 

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