Given the ever increasing number of problems related to the PGR that are presently being highlighted–for example, the criteria for evaluating departments are inadequately defined, leaving individual evaluators in the position of falling back on their own “different philosophies of evaluation” in order to rank–I thought I would provide the PGR’s invited evaluators a list of excuses for bowing out.   Visitors to UP@NIGHT are welcome to add to the list in the Comments.   By the way, the phrase “different philosophies of evaluation” is found on the PGR’s site under Methods and Criteria.   See, “The Dog Ate My (Philosophical Gourmet) Report,” for discussion of this phrase and other gems.


Ten Excuses for Not Filling Out the Philosophical Gourmet Report Survey


….10.  I was attending a Star Trek Convention.


  1.  I couldn’t find the “Like” button.


  1.   I became confused when no one asked us to use a #2 lead pencil.


  1.   I was counting cars on the NJ Turnpike.


  1.  I couldn’t find photos of the dishes to rate on the Gourmet’s menu.


  1.  Hegel’s Logic started to make sense and I lost track of time.


  1.  Bruce Springsteen asked me not to fill out the survey.


  1.  I was waiting for iOS 8.0 to download on my iPad.


  1. I thought PGR stood for Państwowe Gospodarstwo Rolne, collective farms that existed in communist Poland.


  1. I was serving as a judge at an American Kennel Club dog show.


Other excuses welcome. Please feel free to leave them in the Comments Section.

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